Stack King

Aim to line up successive stacks by tapping the screen as they zip across your screen. Find new challenges in each environment as obstacles, tricks and speed seek to destroy your tower.

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Moving Pictures.

Create Custom Levels with Your Images.

Take advantage of the iPhone's and iPad's powerful cameras or use the images in your photo library to create beautiful, complete levels for you test your stacking skill on. Don't be constrained by us, go wild; go wherever your imagination takes you.

Set a background image and as many block images as you like. Start playing and see rows of random blocks that you created challenge you to the top. Take screenshots to taunt your friends with or create a memory of that time you finally made platinum.

Challenge Accepted.

Play against a friend or random opponent over Game Center in Stack King’s multiplayer game mode. Players battle head to head with various, game changing powers. Flawless offensive tactics will propel you to the top and crown you king of the stack. Stack King will bring out your competitive side and have you stacking for days.

Optional voice chat can be used to taunt your opponent during game play.

Wonderful, Beautiful Environments

Each environment offers new challenges such as disappearing ghosts that also charge you.

More Inside

There are even more environments than shown here. Buy Stack King to see them all.

Full of Challenges

Beautiful and challenging. Show off your Fu on a level that requires patience and concentration.

Fully Integrated with Game Center.

Apple’s iOS platform is the most popular gaming platform in the world. The social gaming network, Game Center, has excelled since its release in 2010. Currently there are 50 million game center users, surpassing Microsoft’s 30 million Xbox Live user base.

Stack King is entirely compatible with Game Center. Challenge opponents in multiplayer mode, compare high scores and achievements or talk smack through voice chat.

Universally Accepted.

Stack King is playable on any Apple device. Enjoy it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

Original Music.

All of us at Appy love gaming and understand the importance of good background music. Evangeline Kim and Aaoron Im wrote some of the background tunes. Our music compliments the game nicely, download Stack King and listen!.