Say Anything

When you really need to get your point across, and talking isn’t enough, Say Anything.

Available on the App Store

A Thousand Words.

Simple Gestures.

Say Anything takes advantage of the powerful touch screen on iOS devices in interesting and intuitive ways. Swiping horizontally will set the speed and direction of text scrolling. Scrolling vertically cycles the text through preset strings. Tap the display to stop or start scrolling at its previous speed.

Pinch to zoom will be included in the first update.

A Plethora of Choices.

Display your five dollar words on colored backgrounds or use one of the beautiful included textures. If what we have picked out doesn’t do it for you any image in your device’s photo library can also be used as a background.


Utilizing every built-in font on iOS allows Say Anything the power to any statement with a sensible font. Over 160 fonts are available for users to use.

Enjoy showing off.

Universally Accepted.

Say Anything is available, with retina graphics, on any iOS device. Enjoy it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!