Jul 2011

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iOS Explosion

July 15th, 2011 0 Comments

Apple just recently announced the app store experienced a one billion increase in downloads from last month, reaching a remarkable 15 billion milestone. At this rate, the users are downloading an average of 32 million apps per day, surpassing the total amount in the first month of the App Store. Apple tends to be discreet about the amount they make in revenue through applications, but we can calculate an approximate figure. The average ratio of paid to free apps is between 1:15 and 1:40. This means there has been roughly 375 million to 1 billion paid apps sold. As of the 11th of this month, the average price for a paid app is $1.44. So that suggests between 540 million and 1 billion 40 million has been spent on apps in the app store. Apple only gets 30 percent of the revenue, so between 112 and 300 million. This means they paid out between 378 million and 700 million to third party app developers. These figures are completely subjective based on the ratio of paid to free apps. Regardless of the rate, it’s safe to say Apple is making a whole lot of money from their app store.

The store’s achievements are mainly due to the low app prices. If you have an iOS device, which over 200 million of us do, it usually takes less than 2 dollars and a few seconds for a download. Since apps are easily accessible at low prices, costumers are ok with filling their device with various apps which quickly accumulate into a hefty profit. In fact, Apple says that the 200 million iOS users throughout the world have downloaded 75 apps each on average. This is why third party app development has gained so much popularity; developers want to make a killing while the application market is still hot.